Hello!  I'm so glad you're here, mom... sister... friend.  

This is me.  Well, it's a picture of me anyway, a selfie I took in my bedroom that was highly orchestrated to achieve a little bit of "cool."  Notice how I'm not smiling?  It's a tad unfriendly and perhaps there's a slight air of superiority, which isn't really me at all, but I thought, "Hell, I look cooler this way!"  

I do a lot in the name of cool.  I've been been hunting for it, researching it, testing it out, since I can remember.  My dad got me into it.  He's been thinking about cool since he can remember too.  He's started about a dozen shoe trends, he plays in a pretty cool dad band, etc.  He's always on the lookout for the next best thing in music, art, and food.  He's not into trends and he doesn't like spending money.  He's confident, introspective, and oh-so-curious.  After all this searching, my dad has achieved a real deal kind of cool.  

So, does looking for cool stuff make you cool?  Don't know.  Don't know if I care.  Ok maybe I DO care... but, I think, for me, it's all about being inspired.  Most people know where they were when they heard a great song for the first time (me, college dorm room= Sea of Love, Cat Power).  Some people see great art and get real jazzed and decide they want to be an artist (me, age 12= Julia Margaret Cameron).  Doesn't everybody want these inspirational moments to happen over and over again?!?!?!?   

I'm new(ish) to the mom scene- I've got an almost 4-year old and a 1.5 yr old running the joint- and when I'm not cooking bland-ass food for them, I have an elevated thought or two.  So do you, mom.  I'm still into what's cool, maybe now more than ever.  This blog is an effort to stay curious and connected to other moms (sisters, friends) who are looking out for neat stuff on the reg. Let's unite and share our spoils!  

Stay cool.


p.p.s.  Just in case she's feeling left out, my actual, real, Mom is the smartest, fiesty-est, and most generous. She's the reason for the season.  Always.