The Best in Green Beauty at Whole Foods, by Samantha Martin

The Best in Green Beauty at Whole Foods, by Samantha Martin

Winter skin woes?  My sister-in-law, Samantha’s got glowing skin all-year-round.  And if that isn’t proof that she knows what’s good, she’s well-researched and intentional about everything she buys, so she’ll cite the stats to back it up.  PLUS Sam’s got great taste.  She’s a Denver-based interior designer, who makes sophisticated but practical spaces for families.  And, as the mom of 2-year old Nora, she knows that practical is key.  I asked her to share her expertise on sensible skincare, in the hopes of snagging some of her nonstop radiance.  Here’s Samantha with her tip top products picks for an easy, natural beauty routine.  


When I was trying to get pregnant I decided to switch from my drugstore standbys to more natural skincare.  Several years and many hours of research later I have fallen far down the slippery (read: "pricey") slope of green beauty.   But what a lovely, sweet-smelling slope it is.  That said, not all natural products have to be high-end, and they need not break the bank.    Here a few of my favorites that can be found at Whole Foods.



Weleda Skin Food:  If you are not using this, you are missing out.  It is the best, most luxurious hand cream. (You could use it as body cream, though I find it too thick for that.) It is the only thing that saves me and my cracked knuckles from Colorado's arid climate.   It's loved by many and I consider it a holy grail product.



Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: Full disclosure, I have not used this serum yet, but it gets rave reviews and it's next on my list.  The price is great compared to other serums and if you're looking for a budget-friendly entry point, give it a try.  Incorporating one (or three) serums into my routine has changed my skin for the better. 


Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal Mist:  I've never really understand the need for toner, it seems unnecessary, but I recently started using this mist before applying serum or face lotion and I swear it makes a difference.  It smells divine and spraying it on when you're feeling weary is surprisingly refreshing. 


Weleda Wild Rose Night Cream and Weleda Soothing Almond Face Cream:  I've been using these Weleda face creams for ages.  They are sufficiently moisturizing and rich for winter but not overmuch for summer. I try other things but always come back to these because they are just solid products and make my skin feel good.  Also, I can justify spending on the higher-end serums if I'm saving on lotions, right?


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream (my color is natural glow)  I've been using this for probably 5 years.  It's a fairly thick product that has barely any tint to it, and it makes my skin really glowy and more awake.  I wear this and under-eye concealer and it gives me that little something, plus it has SPF 30.  A tube lasts FOREVER. 


Andalou Naturals Instant Hydration Sheet mask:  Sheet masks feel like a spa treatment at home.  Also, I just find it entertaining, walking around with an alien-like mask that may freak out my husband and/or kid. It's the little things.  Tip:  save the package and rub the leftover serum-y liquid on your face the next night for a two-fer. 

PS. Watch out for WF's sales on beauty and skin care and stock up!  I buy multiples when they mark the whole section 25% off.  Also, save your receipt and return anything you don't like.  I'm unapologetic about taking advantage of a return policy if a product really doesn't work for me.


Thanks Samantha!!!  I’m stocking up pronto!!


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