Getting Dressed, Teacher Style

Getting Dressed, Teacher Style

Kickin’ off some teacher content by rounding up some great posts that feature esteemed educators and how they approach clothing themselves for the classroom.  


Marielle teaches French at a public school in NYC

Woman in Clothes: French Teacher Marielle Coadic

10 Workwear Essentials, a la Marielle Coadic


Maggie teaches English at Westinghouse College Prep in Chicago

Back to School Uniform: How to create a 6-piece Capsule Work Wardrobe

Back to Work:  A 6-Piece Post-Maternity School Uniform 


Emily teaches Communications at Howard University in Washington, DC

An Art-Inspired Maternity Capsule


I, me, moi, teach Printmaking (very) part-time nowadays at Marwen in Chicago

 Work Capsule:  Check In!

Be More with Less:  A Capsule Closet with 33 items


Thanks for keeping it real cool in the school, teachers! 


P.S. The “art teacher” coverall that inspired my work uniform.  Didn’t have the guts to go full-on-jumpsuit.  


Cover pic of Maggie Cramer





Best in Class; 4 Cool Teachers You Oughta Know

Best in Class; 4 Cool Teachers You Oughta Know

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!