Perfect Weekend Pairings: Orange

Perfect Weekend Pairings: Orange

 (A quick PWP review: I’ll choose a theme and create some inter-disciplinary partnerships that are current and most definitely coolAnd you’ll have all weekend to digest)

Today’s Topic:  Orange

Well, New York Fashion Week is over, and YES I scrolled through ALL the street style pics on Man Repeller.  This is a fun Friday activity, mom.  It’s cool to see how free folks can get with clothes when they’re given permission.  And despite the wild n’ crazy combos, one thing seemed pretty standard ... ORANGE STUFF!  Orange hats orange coats orange turtlenecks... orange everything!  

Now I’m seeing orange everywhere!

Now you will too:


1.  Pair these blaze orange style accents spotted ALL over the fashion people.  (2/14)


Oh and perhaps more tangerine than “blaze,”  this sweater is orange.  And I like it. 

2.  With this new neon orange sculpture by Sterling Ruby, for the 2019 Desert X Biennial.  (2/13)


3.  And this Blood Orange tiny desk concert.  (If you think you’re unfamiliar, you might have heard “Charcoal Baby” in 2018, which was a big hit.  Lead guy Dev Hynes (keyboard and guitar) is making strange music that’s kinda jazzy, sorta nervous-sounding stuff.  If you’re not into it, skip to 1:30 in this vid and hear Chicagoan Ashlee Haze rap about Missy Elliot and feminism and prepare to be wowed.  (1/29) 

My fave Tiny Desk Concert OOT with Benjamin Clementine, (Clementine... still on-theme, eh?) 

4.  And the bright orange book cover of this highly-anticipated “Brigid Jones meets Americanah” story about love and self-discovery, out March 2019.  Pre-order here.


Alright mom.

Now that you’re fully culture-briefed on this color sensation... ORANGE you glad it’s Friday?


Stay Cool, 




BFM:  The Coolest Curator to Idolize, Thelma Golden

BFM: The Coolest Curator to Idolize, Thelma Golden

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