News Flash!  This mom’s going rogue

News Flash! This mom’s going rogue

Mom.  So, my son started his first day of kindergarten yesterday, which feels big.  Seems like the whole city is abuzz with back-to-school excitement, that is, except...



After 11 years of teaching, I decided to take a break.  

Here’s why:  

For the past 6 years, I’ve been teaching art at the most wonderful school on Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood.  When I started at Patrick Henry Elementary, I was excited to have an active job that was playful and fun.  I’d taught AP Art History for 5 years before that and while I LOVED the subject and my super-smart students, I got tired of talking (5 50-minute lecture-style classes in one day) and taking home hours n’ hours of grading.   Little did I know how exhausted I’d be around all that little kid energy!  I’d post up on the couch after a long day at Henry and barely rouse myself for a measly dinner of peanut-butter toast, which I’d eat while frantically Googling classroom management strategies. 

a group of my most amazing students

a group of my most amazing students

Well, that was BEFORE I had my own kids.  

Since Teddy came into the picture, 5 years ago, I’ve had less and less decompression time.  When Ted was a tiny babe, I’d still have a minute in the evenings to mentally prep for the following day.  Now, with James and Arthur around, I can barely take a breath without one of them calling for “some milky” or “somebody” to wipe them (c’mon, dude, you know who’s “body” you’re asking for).  

I will miss my students every day.  They were energetic, loving, emotional, and eager to learn.  But, right now, I’m looking to limit the amount of people who need my “body” to manage their feelings, food intake, and bodily fluids.  I’m grateful I have the support and financial stability to make this difficult choice.  


So, this year, I plan on hanging with my boys, growing out my nails, and doing lotsa research on what’s cool.  Hopin’ you’ll be right here with me, mom.  I think I’ll need you.




p.s. Thank you teachers everywhere, for doing the BEST work, but, in particular, my colleagues at Henry school, my BFFs these past 6 years.  Keep on keepin’ on.  And good luck this year!!!



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