Perfect Weekend Pairings:  Sunday, Social Media, and Sexual Assault

Perfect Weekend Pairings: Sunday, Social Media, and Sexual Assault

Well, this was one heck of a week, mom.  I feel little depleated and a lot defeated but in awe of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the courage it took to come forward with her story.  The internet was so full of inspirational musings and angry rants and hopeful quotes that I needed to compile the ones I found most compelling.  

(Quick PWP review: I’ll choose a theme and create some inter-disciplinary partnerships that are current and most definitely coolAnd you’ll have all weekend (one day in this case) to digest)

Today’s topic: Sexual Assault meets Social Media meets Supreme Court nomination.

Pair this GRAPH about assault victims staying silent:



1.  The Guardian’s Mona Chalabi makes cool charts that are readable and compelling.   

With this STORY on the power of speaking out:


 2.  Maya Angelou wrote about being raped as a young child in her autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.”

And this PERFORMANCE ART/PROTEST about silencing women’s voices.


3.  Women’s reproductive rights advocates protest with tape over their mouths and black veils

And this BOOK about women getting angry and loud:


4.  Columnist and author of “All the Single Ladies,” Rebecca Traister has a new book of essays out 10/2.   

also, Traister just published this peice and it’s def worth a read.  (Thanks, Molly!)

And this PRINT about telling your story despite being “terrified”, so that others may do the same.


5. Chicago artist Sarah Carolan makes beautiful and righteous graphic art under the moniker, Studio Ashleen.    Buy this digital print and all proceeds go to RAINN, which benefits victims of sexual violence.  


And finally, this SILENT SPACE WITH NO VOICES about “just needing a pretty picture this morning.”  


Have a wonderful Sunday, mom.  


P.S. #metoo

P.P.S.  Notice how I’m always running on empty?  Can’t seem to graduate from “low power mode.”  There’s some great metaphor there.  




Cover image from the Instagram of curator Thelma Golden via the artist Lorna Simpson (titled “Testimony”)


Ghoulish, Coolish Mom Art:  Valerie Hegarty

Ghoulish, Coolish Mom Art: Valerie Hegarty

Today’s Testimony & “The Weight of It All”

Today’s Testimony & “The Weight of It All”