The Friday Five:  August 31, 2018

The Friday Five: August 31, 2018


Hope you had a great week!  I finally got to see the Charles White show at the Art Institute (this the last weekend if you’re local and looking to be moved!).  It was breathtaking.  

And here’s a few more things that got me going:


1.  This book is all over the web, amiright?  It’s a coming-of-age story set in 1990s Columbia, apparently part autobiography and full-on magic.  

Love that cover. 

Love that cover. 


2.  There was a ton of ridiculousness surrounding Serena’s “disrespectful” outfit for the French Open.  Her tight-fitting one-piece was specially designed to help with blood flow after she ALMOST DIED giving birth to her daughter a year ago.  


Of course, typical Serena, she responded with poise and grace and is bringing her effing A-game to the US Open this week.  

In one of her many tutus at the US Open

In one of her many tutus at the US Open

P.s. Have you watched Being Serena on HBO?  Do it, mom.   


3.  Aaron Rose Galery is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the film “Beautiful Losers,” which chronicled the lives of several super cool artists working in New York in the 90s, like Margaret Kilgallen, and Geoff McFetridge, Shepard Fairey, and Barry McGee, with a show of their work.

Like this, from Geoff McFetridge...

Via The Hole NYC

Via The Hole NYC

Killer, right?  I can’t get enough of his illustrations, so here’s a few more...

Via Google

Via Google


4.  It’s Black Breastfeeding Week, the last week of World Breastfeeding Month.  Here’s “5 Reasons Why We Need Black Breastfeeding Week” (Via Motherly)

“Unique cultural barriers among black women:  While many of the "booby traps"™ to breastfeeding are universal, black women also have unique cultural barriers and a complex history connected to breastfeeding. From our role as wet nurses in slavery being forced to breastfeed and nurture our slave owners children often to the detriment of our children, to the lack of mainstream role models and multi-generational support, to our own stereotyping within our community—we have a different dialogue around breastfeeding and it needs special attention.” (Kimberly Seals Allers)



5.  Just look at Erykah Badu’s bejeweled bod for this Tiny Desk Concert.  Dang!

You getting gussied up for something this weekend?!  

Well, whatever you do...
  Stay cool, mom!  






Cover photo was taken at Art Institute of Chicago/ Charles White:  A Retrospective.   

Quick fall fashion fun

Quick fall fashion fun

Cool Mom Tunes:  Beach House, 7

Cool Mom Tunes: Beach House, 7