Be More with Less; Clothing the Post-Natal Parent

Be More with Less; Clothing the Post-Natal Parent

Hey hey! 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my wardrobe.  After having Arthur, my bod is constantly changing.  You know how it is, mom.  None of my pre-baby clothes fit.  And my maternity clothes, well, we had a good thing but I wasted no time kicking them to the curb.  So you see why I’ve had to buy 3 pairs of jeans, 2 Target dresses. and a bunch of crap t-shirts to get through the summer.  And, hopefully, you understand why my closet looked like this...  

My closet, the former home of random baby items and weird-fitting Target dresses.  

My closet, the former home of random baby items and weird-fitting Target dresses.  

But now I’m ready to get serious about closet clean outs and cool mom fashions!!!!

So, let’s do a quick review:   Project 333/Be More With Less.  Started by Courtney Carver in 2010, it's all about saving money, time, and the earth!  It's easy to remember, a little harder to, like, DO, but I'm going to remind you of ALL the steps for closet success!

333: 33 items, for 3 months

(this doesn't include undergarments, workout wear, or pajamas)

Step 1: Pick a start date.  I suggest Sept 1- Dec 1.

Step 2: Think about the weather for these 3 months.  TRY EVERYTHING YOU MIGHT WEAR ON (takes time and occasionally causes sadness).

 Make 3 piles.

WEAR: Clothes you love, that look great on you (they must fit NOW, unless you are pregnant).


STORE: Clothes you love or think you love that you're not ready to part with, clothes that are not seasonally appropriate, also, clothes for weddings or dressy events. 

See ya, suckers! 

See ya, suckers! 

DONATE:  Clothes you haven't worn all year, clothes that are too tight, etc.  Get rid of the aspirational clothing.  It takes up space and doesn't make you feel good about your great bod. 

Step 3: Look at the WEAR pile.  Get serious. Pick around...

8-9 tops

2 sweaters

6 bottoms

3-4 shoes

2 scarves (if you're not into scarves, add to your jewelry)

3-4 jewelry items (I'm not too rigid about this, but I don't have a lot of jewelry anyway)

3-4 jackets/coats/blazers

2 purses

Make a list.  Use a Google Doc or Sheets.  See mine?


Step 4:  Hang up your clothes, fold them in drawers, display your jewelry.  Use good hangers if you have them- I don't.


Step 5:  Do a little "pinning" or mood-boarding or whatever you do to get real about how you want to style your clothes. 

Here’s my fall “color story,” which is nerd-speak for a bunch of colors you like together. 

Lovin’ these browns and pinks. 

Lovin’ these browns and pinks. 


Channel a stylish celeb, like Caroline de Maigret... 


Or Alexa Chung


Or Malia Obama


Or this nameless beaut


Notice the “mom jeans” theme?  I mean, if the shoe fits... 

Step 6:  If you MUST!  Purchase 1-2 items to complete your look.  I MUST just about every time!  This time, I’m thinking... just 1!  

1.  A big weird bag.  One that fits all the diaper mumbo jumbo but that adds some pizzazz to my otherwise bo-ring ensemble.  Thinking one of these might be fun!  And only $10! But I’m open to suggestions! 


Step 7:  Donate the DONATE pile, Store the STORE pile.  Revisit Dec 1 if needed.  Usually, stuff I store ends up in DONATE next time around.


Ok so why do this?  Here are my reasons...

1.  It reduces outfit stress in the morning.

2.  It reduces money spent on fast fashion.

3.  It reduces time spent scrolling through the ASOS website.

4.  It increases joy!  I'm only wearing clothes I love to wear!


So, whaddya say?  You gonna give it a go?  Please comment below with questions and/or ideas!  


p.s. Check out the Project 333 website!  There's a downloadable PDF with all the info you need plus a fill-in-the-blank for your 33.

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