Uncovering the Cool; What Cara Likes

Uncovering the Cool; What Cara Likes

Remember the amazing Cara from yesterday's post?  Well, she was so full of cool recs, I thought you'd want to see them ALL in one place!!!  Right, mom?  

Well, here you go! 


BEAUTY:  (I asked her to get explicit about her makeup routine.  She's perfected the no-makeup makeup thing.)

"I wear makeup pretty much every day, usually just a really glowy tinted moisturizer and mascara—there’s just something about the ritual of it all that makes me feel happy."

"Right now I'm obsessed with Beautycounter's Dew Skin (I go a couple shades darker than my natural skin tone for some bronzing action) plus a pump of Olay Total Effects CC Cream in my skin tone.  It's the perfect blend of glowy and velvety with SPF to boot."

ART:  "Christopher Wool’s abstract paintings are incredible, especially the stuff he’s doing with stenciled letters."


"Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Lightning Field series He brought a generator into his studio and fired high-voltage electrical charges onto film, and the images he captured are insane."


LIT:  "Kafka Was the Rage by Anatole Broyard is one of my all-time favorites—it’s like a love story to la vie bohème of 1940s Greenwich Village."


The Mole People, by Jennifer Toth, is another one that really resonated with me. She’s a reporter for the New York Times who went underground into the subway system to share the stories of the homeless men and women who live down there—some of them for their entire lives.


"Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea was one of the best I’ve read. The author, Kira Salak, spent three months crossing the country by herself (holy shit!)."


"I Am Not Myself These Days, by Josh Kilmer-Purcell, is one of those reads that sweeps you up, spins you around, and spits you out. I laughed, I cried—and then I recommended it to all my friends."


MUSIC:  "I love rock—classic, modern, progressive, folk, you name it. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Radiohead, and Pearl Jam are always on my playlist. If I’m feeling emotional, Joni Mitchell and Damien Rice know just what to say and how to say it."

Since she didn't specific, here's an oldie that still gets me... every time.


Thanks for being so cool, Cara!!!  




Cover photo is from Hiroshi Sugimoto's Theater series, one of MY faves.

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