Woman in Clothes:  Q & A with Charlotte Betts of Milk and Honee

Woman in Clothes: Q & A with Charlotte Betts of Milk and Honee

You gotta meet this rad mom!  

Super duper chic Chicagoan Charlotte Betts is an entrepreneur and mother of two.  She runs a lifestyle brand, Milk and Honee, and a t-shirt company, pintsizefaith, which grew out a desire to see her values reflected in her family’s clothing.   

She agreed to answer some questions and share some pics of her style, which is both bold and experimental but also polished and classic.  Read on!

Are there any clothing (or related) items that you have in multiple?

Sneakers and denim. I have multiple pairs of white chucks (Converse) and distressed jeans. You can never have too many.


How long does it take you to get dressed?

If my outfit is planned I can be ready in less than 40 minutes (this includes hair and makeup).

What are some dressing or shopping rules you think everyone should follow?

When it comes to dressing, I feel that women and men alike should always wear what they feel comfortable in.  I like casual chic looks, I feel that they define me and my personal style. 


What is the favorite piece of clothing or jewelry that you own?

I recently purchased a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses and I wear them every opportunity I get, if I could wear them indoors I would LOL... That's how much I like them.

What was the first investment item that you bought?


You might be speaking in terms of fashion here, but I will go with our house. in 2015 we purchased our first home and if that's not an investment not sure what is!  LOL.

Was there a point where your style changed dramatically?

After I became a mother for the second time around. I've always been one for comfort and simplicity, but after having our second daughter my love for minimalist style doubled.  Through trying different things I've come to learn that casual chic is a thing that can be achieved.


prefer flat shoes to heels nowadays, but I guess having two small kids will do that to you. You have to be ready to run after them.


Tell us a little about your clothing company and the motivations behind it. 

pintsizefaith was  birthed from a need, my husband and I were looking for cute apparel for our daughters that would reflect our faith. But everything we came across had some type of cartoon character which wasn't reflective of our style... so we created what we couldn't find.

Pintsizefaith  T-shirt. 

Pintsizefaith T-shirt. 

Pintsizedfaith “pint-sized” T-shirt. Visit store  here .

Pintsizedfaith “pint-sized” T-shirt. Visit store here.

What are you trying to achieve when you dress for the world?

You know, funny enough there was a time when I dressed to be noticed, but that's no longer my goal. When I dress, I dress for me... And if the world notices, I want them to see confidence.

 Thanks so much, Charlotte! 


Don’t you just love how she adds bold color to classic looks?  And I really dig how she styles her denim!  It’s inspiring me to take some risks this spring!  How about you?


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Cover photo by @k.adoraphotos

all questions taken from “Women in Clothes” by Sheila Heti et al.  

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