4 New Art Books I Want NOW!

4 New Art Books I Want NOW!

Just at my local bookstore and darn it!  I want these this instant!!  


1.  Dawoud Bey, Seeing Deeply- I know. I can’t shut up about this Chicago photographer, but I can’t get enough of his good stuff!  This latest book is a hefty one- a big collection of much of his portraiture from the past 40 years.  AND.  IT’S.  WONDERFUL.  I gotta have it.  


And another one showcasing a Chicago artist:


2.  Charles White, A Retrospective- Catalogues a show that was hosted by the Art Institute of Chicago this year.  OMG, Mom.  It was one of my faves OOT.  If you aren’t familiar with his work, you’ll be floored.  Most of his works are large-scale drawings, mostly portraits... so skillfull they look like photos,  but stylized such that each subject has a powerful vitality.  I love them ALL.  


Oh boy!  ANOTHER Chicago artist :


3.  Jess Dugan & Vanessa Fabbre, To Survive on this Shore: Photographs and Interviews with Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Older Adults -  This books is real empowering.  The authors traveled around the U.S.  compiling stories and portraits of older inviduals who identify as transgender and/or gender nonconforming. “The resulting monograph provides a nuanced view into the struggles and joys of growing older as a transgender person and offers a poignant reflection on what it means to live authentically despite seemingly insurmountable odds.” -Indie Bound

The photos are lovely and the stories are lovelier- some unbearably sad.  I felt like I got to know the subjects in the short time I paged through the book.  I’m missing them a bit now that I’m back home.  I think they need to be permanent fixtures.  


 And, alas, no Chicago connection but (somehow) still cool:


4.  Soul of a Nation, Art in the Age of Black Power-  Another catalogue of an exhibition, this time an ONGOING one at the Brooklyn Museum (formerly at the TATE, it’s open till Feb 2019!,  Chicago next, please?!) .  A collection of 170 works from 1963-1983, during the height of great social change in the US, addresses topics of race, class, history, and politics.  Promises to be my coolest coffee table book, by far!

I wrote a bit about  this exhibition here .   

I wrote a bit about this exhibition here.   



Ok, mom, what shouting out at you from the shelves these days?  


P.S.  People are FREAKING about this one, right?  

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