My Tip Top Picks of Twenty Eighteen

My Tip Top Picks of Twenty Eighteen

Hey mom!  We’re at the end of the year here, and I’m making lotsa lists.  

Today!  Some of my bests of the rest of 2018.  I chose a couple categories and picked my most fave stuff made THIS YEAR.  


Newbie:  Stevie Dix- Textured, abstract still lives with the coolest color schemes.

I blogged about her here.   

I blogged about her here.   

“Oldie” but making new goodies:  Nathalie du Pasquier- She’s been in the art scene since the 80’s and she’s still killing it in 2018.  A 2017 show of her work in Philly was a big huge hit and she’s got current collabs with HAY Design and Valentino.  Here are some of the paintings she made this year.  




It’s a toss up between

THINGS ARE WHAT WE ENCOUNTER: Heather Hart x Dr. Charles Smith @ Kohler Art Center - Sculptures by Dr. Charles Smith situated in the neatest built environment designed by artist Heather Hart.  Hart’s design forced surprising interactions with Smith’s playful work.  And my kids LOVED it. 



Nina Chanel Abney, Royal Flush @ Chicago Cultural Center- Abney’s work tackles political and social issues using the artist’s own symbolic language.  Nothin like seeing these bold, colorful paintings IRL.


(Didn’t see this one but it’s topping cool mom charts) 


Self-Help:  Your Art Will Save Your Life by Beth Pickens- Pickens makes the case for making art “no matter what” and “now more than ever.”  Every creative should read.

Follow  Pickens on Insta  for great artist pep-talks

Follow Pickens on Insta for great artist pep-talks

Novel: Motherhood by Sheila Heti- Beautifully written thoughts and dreams about motherhood surrounding the author’s decision NOT to have children.  (Disclaimer:  Since it chronicles a never-ending internal debate, the book can feel a bit neurotic. I found myself getting annoyed with the writer.  I think this was on purpose?).


If I’m being totally honest, my fave novel of 2018 was a memoir written by my former colleague, Will McGrath, called Everything Lost is Found Again, Four Seasons in Lesotho.  It’s a warm-hearted tribute to a little-known country (Lesotho, ya heard?) and a love letter to his wife.  

Poetry:  Monument by Natasha Tretheway- Narrative poems about race, ancestry, and Whiteness in America.  Thinking on these 24/7.



Track:  Tirzah, Holding On- Love it cause it’s so lo-fi, more about it here.  

Album:  Snail Mail, Lush- I’ve talked about this album too much.  It’s just good.  Here’s my fave track:


Follow me on Spotify for some fun playlists I made this year, including “2018 Goodies.”


Mom, what you been diggin on?

Please share some of your faves of 2018 in the comments below!

To Do Lists 2019:  PLAN on STAYING COOL.

To Do Lists 2019: PLAN on STAYING COOL.

Best of SCM in 2018

Best of SCM in 2018