To Wear:  A 6-Piece Stay-At-Home Mom Uniform

To Wear: A 6-Piece Stay-At-Home Mom Uniform

-To Do List 2019- #4-

Hey!  So it turns out, getting dressed to be a mom all day is a real challenge. 

Why? Well,

1.  There’s no dress code.  And too many options always makes for hectic and disappointing dressing. Initially, I felt tons of freedom and had fun wearing my weirdest clothes but, ultimately... that familiar feeling of dismay when I faced the closet each morning.  

2.  There’s no time.  Not that this is anything new. Gotta get the big kid to school by 8:00.  And my littlest guy, Arthur, still wakes up more than once a night (AH! WTF!).  So, the mornings are a REAL struggle —I find myself repeatedly cursing the darkness and my kindergartner with unsettling regularity.  

3.  (It feels like) There’s no point.  It seems silly to spend more than a minute getting dressed when, in a given day, I may only leave the house to drive to Teddy’s school, covered head to toe in winter coat. 

BUT DESPITE ALL THAT, I’m trying to remember something I wrote last year, inspired by Jenny Slate and LaTonya Yvette...  “It's not the clothes themselves that make us feel good.  It's the intentional act of caring for ourselves, of loving ourselves a little, while our children and our obligations stir up commotion for us everywhere.”

Mindful of that and yet keeping it practical, I put together a mood board of sorts to encourage some stay-at-home style. 

Here’s my inspirational mainstay Alexa Chung and influential (to me) newcomer Courtney Barnett- why not try to look like a rock star on the reg?- helping me hone my look:


And here’s how that translates to a workable costume:

 I figure I’ll sub out the plain white tee for some weirder stuff, like this, some days.  And get wild with a fanny pack and scarf or two if I’m feeling real crazy.  

Cool?   It better be!


Stay tuned for some pics of me styling this up in the coming weeks! 

Have a great weekend!! 




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