Cool Mom Tunes:  H.E.R.

Cool Mom Tunes: H.E.R.

Happy Monday Mom! 

Went to see Hubbard Street Dance this weekend, was totally wowed, and fell in love with this song:   


Choreographer Rena Butler used it in her piece III. Third, along with a combo of a few other recognizeable pop songs.  I did a little research on H.E.R.— it’s a moniker used by Gabriella Wilson that’s an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed.”  She released her first album in 2016 and another just recently in November 2018 (I Used to Know Her).  

Dang!  Better give ‘em listen.  



 P.S.  Added it to my “Carpool Cool Jammin’ Mom” R&B heavy playlist, duh.  



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