Hey, Cool Mom! with Kate Birkhead

Hey, Cool Mom! with Kate Birkhead

Mom.  Meet Kate!  She’s a photographer, a Chicagoan, and mother of two.  She loves taking pics her travels, her neighborhood, and, for obvious reasons, her beautiful kids.  She’s eager to snap shots of your average-looking kids too!  Kate’s photo business, Analogue Child Chicago, takes her all over everywhere to capture life in special ways.  She chronicles most of all this in a breathtaking Instagram feed you can follow here.    

And HERE ⬇️... Kate’s take on what’s revving her up these days, including a certain Colonial-era hip-hop musical, a good nursing bra, and the best cup of coffee.


1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in London, went to university in Edinburgh, lived in Berlin, fell in love in New York, with a boy from Boston, who I married in New Orleans and then moved to Chicago. I’ve loved taking photos of all those places, the people in them and way more.


2.  Describe your family.

Arlo, almost 4: LEGO addict. Ffion, almost 9 months: boob addict. Andrew, almost 35: family medicine provider. Myself, almost 31: mom, photographer, A Million Little Things addict.


3.  What do you do most days?  

I try shoot some film most days. And by film I mean still images. I use a bunch of vintage cameras I’ve picked up in cities along the way, and 35mm Kodak film (#portra400forlife). Whether it be of my baby eating strawberries at home, or someone else’s babies snuggling in their home, I just love to take pictures, and I love to (try) get it right first time. the thrill of getting the film scans back from the lab and the chance to soak up those moments all over again is just unbeatable to me.


4.  Who/What is inspiring you these days?

Sarah Holden for her technical abilities and artistic commitment. My husband for his unending compassion for the most vulnerable chicagoans. Lauren Groff for her words. Anyone and everyone speaking truth to power in 2018.



6.  What books are you reading or wanting to read?

I stopped by city lit this week to pick up the new Murakami, Killing Commendatore. But I’m trying to finish Hot Milk by Deborah Levy first. Murakami has been a constant in my life since teenagerhood, and visits to Japan from 2009 on. I was just introduced to Levy by a British editor friend and I love her writing.

7.  What’s your favorite song for 1) a dance party 2) feeling sad

 Hamilton soundtrack for both #iamold

8.  What artists or designers do you like?

Kandinsky is tattooed on my body, and Caravaggio is tattooed on my brain/camera. Anyone who seeks light, abstraction and truth. 


9.  What clothes are making you feel good?  

Oversized cardigans, H&M shaping jeans & a supportive, non-gross nursing bra! **have yet to actually find one of these so please send suggestions!

10.  Anything else we should know about? 

Go to London and York and Glasgow and Budapest. Watch Catastrophe and Fleabag and The End of the F***** world. Eat at The Spice Room and Parachute. Get the CBD honey latte at Damn Fine Coffee. Spend the entire winter at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Support mom businesses. Don’t be afraid to walk away from everyone you love sometimes. Bring a book.

 Thanks Kate!!  Researching shaping jeans immediately.  


 Oh and a little plug for Analogue Child Chicago...

With the holidays approaching, support this ⬆️ business, mom!  Spread love and good cheer to all yon peoples near and far with a really great photo of your mediocre mugs.  With Kate’s help, your family will be top banana in the greeting card pandemonium that is the holiday fridge.  And that’s a promise!

Check out her website for more info.




cover photo by Deep End Imagery  

all other photos by Kate Birkhead


Cool Mom Tunes:  Test Pattern by Shy Layers

Cool Mom Tunes: Test Pattern by Shy Layers

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