4 New Memoirs by Women You Love

4 New Memoirs by Women You Love

Hey mom! 

So, I’ve mentioned my love for memoirs.  Here are some new ones I can’t wait to get into.  They’re written by genius women who keep getting it right during times that feel, like, so wrong


1.  You’re on an Airplane by Parker Posey- So... this is obvi gonna be hilarious.  Nuff said. 

2.  Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister- Traister’s all over the airwaves (interviewed by NPR yesterday) and webwaves as an author and columnist for the NYTimes, NYMag (this piece is GOOD, thanks Molly!), etc. Here she is talking about women’s anger and other important stuff that’s making change in this weird world.  

3.  I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson- A series of funny essay about getting to know herself after a solo road trip across the US.  (Out Oct. 30th).  Also, look out for a TV show she’s producing with Samantha Irby, which is based on Irby’s book of essays, “Meaty.”  Oh man, the future looks awesome.  

4.  She Wants It:  Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy by Jill Soloway*- Though much of Transparent is autobiographical, here’s a more personal retelling of Soloway’s childhood and early career.  Plus!  She addresses of-the-moment issues like gender conformity and male privilege, cause she’s, like, an expert at that.    



What’re you getting into this fall?  Any new books looking good?




*Soloway identifies as “gender nonbinary” 



Ok... this...

Ok... this...

Ghoulish, Coolish Mom Art:  Valerie Hegarty

Ghoulish, Coolish Mom Art: Valerie Hegarty