Weekly Culture Report:  The Friday Five, Week of Jan. 21

Weekly Culture Report: The Friday Five, Week of Jan. 21


Hey mom!  Hope you had a great week!!  

I’ve decided to organize my report into a “top five” going forward.  Seems neat and tidy.  Also, alliteration.  

Here’s the best of the rest for the week of January 21st.   

1.  Two books coming out this week that sound super good:

1) Happiness is a Choice You Make:  Lessons from a Year Amongst the Oldest Old by John Leland- profiles six New Yorkers 85 and above.  This Fresh Air interview with Leland is worth a listen (it’s also got a great 1988 interview with the late Ursula K. Le Guin about motherhood and creative work, which I linked to on Wednesday).  


2) The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory- A racy romance endorsed by many a cool person, including Roxane Gay.  


2.  The Oscar nominations came out this week.  Lots of “record breaking” nominations for people of color (perhaps a response to the backlash from #Oscarssowhite last year?), including my love Mary J. Blige as the first person to be nominated for a role in a film (Best Supporting Actress in Mudbound) as well as an original song (“MIghty River” from Mudbound).  Also nominated and and getting lots of listens is “Mystery of Love” (not-surprisingly-melancholy-and-beautiful) from Call Me By Your Name by Sufjan Stevens.  

3. Artist Derrick Adams has a new show (Derrick Adams: Sanctuary) opening this week at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.  The exhibition was inspired by “The Negro Motorist Green-Book,” a safe-travel guide for Black Americans published annually from 1936- 1967, during the height of Jim Crow.


“Derrick Adams: Sanctuary consists of 50 works of mixed-media collage, assemblage on wood panels, and sculpture presented in an installation designed by the artist that reimagine safe destinations for the black American traveler during the mid-twentieth century.“ (MAD website)


4.  You gotta watch Tiffany Haddish’s Drunk History... “Rose Valland Takes on the Nazi’s.”  

5.  The Women’s March 2.0 was a real success, with larger numbers than last year in Chicago!  I marched with a few friends, one of whom knows a ton about local politics.  Made me think I need a good weekly briefing.   State Matters is a organization that’s making videos to explain current Illinois policy to laymen’s terms.  I need this!  Do you?  Go here to support their kickstarter!  Wherever you are... where do you get your local political info?  What are the best resources (websites? Podcasts?) for those of us who have a hard time translating weirdo government lingo? 


Ok that’s that.  Enjoy your weekend!   

Oh Mister Sun...

Oh Mister Sun...

I’m listening to: Ravyn Lenae

I’m listening to: Ravyn Lenae