WCR: What the Cool Girls are Reading

WCR: What the Cool Girls are Reading

So many great ladies in the spotlight this week.  I couldn't help but notice what they're reading.  

This Vogue 73 Questions interview with Tracee Ellis Ross, from Black-ish, was so entertaining.  Ross is full of smiles and laughter.  And her style!  Check out her classy red ensemble, complete with matching red lips.  

In it, she recommends two must-reads.  

Buy it here!   Seriously.  Buy it.

Buy it here!  Seriously.  Buy it.

I haven't read "All the Single Ladies," but "Between the World and Me" was/is a life-changer.  Have you read it?  In it, Ta-Nehisi Coates writes a series of letters to his son about growing up Black in America.  My response was a pledge to raise my white sons with an understanding of their (and our) privilege.  I couldn't recommend it more.  

A big congrats to two amazing Chicago writers:  Lena Waithe and Eve L. Ewing.  

Lena Waithe won the Emmy award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.  She was the first Black women to receive the award.  In her acceptance speech, she mentions her Chicago roots and gives an empowering acknowledgement of her "LGBQTIA family."  Watch.


Waithe won the award for her writing on the show Master of None, specifically the Thanksgiving episode, from Season 2.  This is WORTH THE WATCH, mom (it's on Netflix).  Somehow, it addresses all of these topics:

1.  RACE






7.  THE BEST 90s R&B

And it's funny!!  Watch it tonight!  I swear it's stand-alone good, no need to have seen any other episode.  

In an Emmy's interview with Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, she shared her favorite book (which was also one of her mother's):

Like so many novels I read in high school (and thought I understood), I think I need to revisit this one.  

Onto my fellow Chicago teacher, Eve Ewing.  This Logan Square native has been getting a TON of praise for her book, "Electric Arches."  

Electric Arches is an imaginative exploration of black girlhood and womanhood through poetry, visual art, and narrative prose.
— Back cover of EA

The Chicago Tribune did a full profile on her career and motivations as a teacher, writer, artist, activist, and "public intellectual."  She's worked with a bunch of great organizations like Young Chicago Authors and After School Matters.  I was so amazed by all she's done for her city.  

Eve L. Ewing (photo by Chicago Reader)

Eve L. Ewing (photo by Chicago Reader)

If you're in Chicago: She's performing her poetry at a free event this Thursday night at the Poetry Foundation.  Get info here.

Anyone know what Ewing is reading?  That would really round out this post.  


I'm so inspired to hit the books!  Hope you are too.  Have a wonderful week!


Cover photo from the Instagram of Zoe Kravitz.

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