4 Fall Trends Cool Moms Should Try

4 Fall Trends Cool Moms Should Try

TGIF, mom!  

Some fun fashion stuff for your Friday:  I've been scouting all the fall trends and narrowed them down to a final four.  Wear them alone or be bold and dare to try them all at once! 

1.  Tweed/Plaid/Checks. 

High fashion folks are doubling down with full-on power suits and unconventional pairings, like graphic tees.  

Fashion Week version

Fashion Week version


If you can't commit to either of those, try a professorial blazer like this one. 

Or check out my post on all things tweed this season, which has tons of options, including this jazzy midi-skirt.


2.  White shoes and accessories.

I'm seeing tons of stylish peeps wearing white ankle boots.  Pretty bold!


Think you'd try them?

3.  "Power" Red

This is THE fall color, say the experts.  A "power" red power suit?  Power to the power power.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.55.35 AM.png

Jessie (from Wednesday's HCM post, super cool mom) loves red wide-leg pants, like these.

4.  Statement earrings

This trend's been around since spring.  You in on it?


Here are some fun ones to try.


What do you think?  Can you dig this stuff?  What other trends are you testing out this season?


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