Work Capsule: Check-in!

Work Capsule: Check-in!

Hey there, mom!  How's it going dressing for work?  I'm trying hard to stick with my 6-item work capsule.  How about you?  Are you trying out a work uniform or what?

Remember my sister, Maggie's?

Quick recap:

6 items for 3 months, starting September 1, ending Dec 1- so, we're halfway there!  Unlimited accessories. 

Here's the 6-piece wardrobe I've been working with:

TOPS:  Gray v-neck, Black v-neck, Striped crew-neck

BOTTOMS: Skinny blue jeans, skinny black jeans, Denim skirt

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.13.01 PM.png

Moments of truth: 

1.  I never ONCE wore the denim skirt, so I subbed my mom jeans.  

2.  I added a white t-shirt, so, really it's 7 items.  I think this is ok?

3.  I thought I'd be good at documenting this for you, mom but turns out...

a)  I don't enjoy having my picture taken in the early morning, or really any time 

b)  I'm always running late (so the pics didn't happen)

Here's what I got:



1.  I feel like myself every day.  No outfit regrets.

2.  My 6-items are simple enough that I can wear any accessory and feel like it "goes."

3.  Good shoes are key.  These Everlane street shoes are stylin' but also comfy.

The calm before the storm... my classroom pre-onslaught

The calm before the storm... my classroom pre-onslaught

I realize that my art teacher wardrobe (v casual and cheap) doesn't apply to most, so my friend, Megan, has graciously agreed to share her big-time lawyer work uniform in a few weeks!  Stay tuned!

p.s. In case you missed these posts about capsule wardrobes- Quick! get in the know!!

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I'd love to hear about your work wardrobe!  Please share struggles and successes!

And have a great weekend!


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